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On The Day Of Your Visit
On your first visit, the cardiologist will want to get a thorough personal history from you, and most likely, will want to conduct a physical examination. Depending on the findings of the tests and history, the doctor will want to go over various additional testing and treatment plan options.

Specific information on tests and treatment plans can be found in the front of your patient information and education booklet, or from your physician.

What To Bring and How To Dress

Bring all your prescription medications in their current
Continue your medications as usual unless instructed
otherwise by your physician or Texas Cardiology
Refrain from eating for at least two hours before your
visit; the preceding meal should be light, without coffee,
tea or alcohol
Wear or bring appropriate clothing, such as comfortable,
loose-fitting shorts, slacks or jogging attire; please do not
wear one-piece outfits or panty hose; you may be asked
to remove your shirt or change into a patient gown, bring
or wear comfortable shoes designed for walking
Plan to be in our office for one to two hours
Bring insurance forms/identification cards

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