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The purpose of our lipid information web site is to provide comprehensive assessment and follow up care for patients in need of lipid management through cardiac risk factor education, diet modification, and medical therapies. Your care in the lipid web site is in addition to and in coordination with your physician's treatment plan for you. For many patients, your doctor has asked that you learn how to monitor and modify your risk factors for heart disease, including watching your cholesterol.

The physicians at Cardiology Consultants Of North Dallas recognize that education is key in helping you achieve your health goals. CCND hopes to provide individualized instruction on your lab values, diet, exercise, and medications. Your physician may ask that you schedule a teaching session to offer an in-depth look at your lab values, medications, diet, and other areas of cardiac health promotion. Our goal is to provide you and your physician with the opportunity to better manage your cholesterol and to reduce your risk for future heart problems.

Our desire is to encourage a heart healthy lifestyle and to help you reach your health goals.

For the address and a map of our location, go to the General Information section of this web site.

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